Privacy policy for Finnvid Innovation AB

This privacy policy handles the processing being performed within this service, services performed at , , and (the ”Service”) by Finnvid Innovation. AB, Swedish organisation number 556899-8180 (“we” or “us”).

Your integrity is important for us. This privacy policy describes the processing of personal data being performed within the Service , the purpose of the processing, how we possibly share your personal data with and your rights around your personal data. We encourage you to read this policy before you use the Service.

Personal data is a piece of data that can be directly or indirectly connected to a living personal individual. Some Examples of Personal data are name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, an IP-adress and information about your usage of the Service could also be Personal data.

Processing of Personal data includes all handling of Personal data, as collecting, analyzing, registration and storage.
The Personal Data Controller is the one that alone or together with someone else decides the purpose and means for the processing of the personal data and has the ultimate responsibility to ensure that the processing is being performed according to applicable laws.

Depending on the service used, we can collect the following information:
(a) name;
(b) address;
(c) e-mail address;
(d) phone number;
(e) IP-address;
(f) personal identification number;
(g) other data that you enter yourself within the Service.
When you use the Service, some data about the usage can be collected, inclusive:
(a) Information about your usage of the service; and
(b) technical data, including the URL giving you access to the Service, your IP-address, unique device ID, information about network- and processing performance in your device, type of web-reader, language and information about operating system.

Information from other sources
We can sometimes receive and process personal data from other sources as: advertising network, customers, measurement-tool providers or other parties helping us to understand user activity, your preferences or in order to improve and personalize the Service.

The processing is being performed for the following purposes:
(a) to make the service available;
(b) for customer due-diligence;
(c) to personalize and improve your customer experience;
(d) to send you notifications and messages via post, telephone, electronic communication (as sms or e-mail) or in any other way, inclusive marketing for our products and services;
(e) to inform you about updates in the Service including the Terms;
(f) to improve the Service, new services and products and analyze your usage of the Service;
(g) to ensure the technical functionality in the Service;
(h) to prevent usage outside the Terms of the service, to prevent and investigate the usage of the Service; and
(i) to fulfill our obligations according to law.

By accepting the conditions för the Service you give your consent to:
a) process your personal data will be done according to this Privacy policy;
b) send you direct markering to you. This could be done via post, telephone, electronic communication (as sms or e-mail) or in any other way (you can cancel further marketing at any time).
c) send newsletters with information about new services or offers. If you no longer want to receive such a newsletter you can at any time cancel this service by clicking on the link in each newsletter.
d) record or in any other way document your communication with us.

We do not sell, share, transfer or in any way give out Personal data in any other way than stated in this Privacy policy if  we are not forced to do so by rule of court or by consent given by you. If there is suspicion that you committed a crime while using the Service, we can at the request by authorities share information with them.

This does not exclude us from using Personal Data Processors that will process Personal data on our behalf with written Personal Data Processing Agreements and our instructions. Personal Data Processors getting access to your Personal data (as when we use a third party to process payments or store information on a server) are not given any right to in any way use your Personal Data in any other way than stated in this Privacy Policy.

Your Personal data will not be stored longer than needed for the purpose of the processing. All Personal data is sorted out when they are no longer are relevant för the purpose they have been collected to fulfill.

You have the rights, according to applicable personal data legislation, to get information about personal data process by us. You have the right to get this information free of charge and you can get it without giving any reason for the request.

You do also have the right to request that we correct, block or delete your personal data. In the case where we are obliged according to law, the personal data can only be blocked.

We can use, store and share your information in answers to legal requests. (as example in search, court order, summons or similar), or when it is necessary for the discovery or prevention of criminal activity. This is being done to protect ourselves, you and other users. This could mean that the storage is done as a part of the investigation if we do believe that it is necessary in order to comply with applicable law.
Information that we get from you when you use the Service, can be used and stored during a longer time-period than required for other purposes when the information is subject to legal requests, obligation to law, authority investigations or investigations around violations of our Terms or Policies, or in other way when preventing damage.

We collect information with the help of cookies and other techniques that will recognize you as a user. For information on how we use these techniques and how you can prevent the usage of cookies, see our cookie policy.

When you are using the Service you can be offered to share information from the Service on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, via an implemented social plug-in (as a like button). If you choose to share information via a social-plugin, your web-reader will try to transfer the following information to the applicable social media platform:
(a) date and time for your visit;
(b) the Internet-address/URL for the address that you currently user;
(c) your IP-address;
(d) what kind of web-reader you use;
(e) your operating system;
(f) your user-name if you are a registered user at the social media, and if applicable your first- and last-name; and
(g) if you are using a plug-in, the information you used this specific plugin for.

Please note that we do not have any control of the information collected via plug-ins by  social media. When it comes to such information, we do refer you to the terms for the respective social media. We encourage you to keep informed about the purpose of,  and the scope of, the collection of information being done via social plug-ins. You can block social-plugins in the settings of your web-browser.

Any changes in this privacy policy the updated version will be published at: If we do material changes, we will also contact you to get your consent.

Processing of your Personal Data according to this Privacy policy and your use of the Service is regulated by Swedish law. Disputes will be handled in Swedish public court with Stockholms tingsrätt as first instance, if not required otherwise by law.

Finnvid Innovation AB is the personal data controller for the processing being done within the Service.
To access your rights above or if you have any question around our processing of personal data, please contact us at:
Finnvid Innovation AB
Finnvidsvägen 5

If you have questions regarding your personal data you can always contact our Personal Data Controller at